February 2017, Ashlee McEvoy, ASAP/ASAS 2017 Communications Intern In April 2016, Indonesian cattle importers were struggling with Australia’s record-high live export prices. Over an 18-month period, prices rose from $2.50 per kilogram to $3.90 per kilogram, and importers still had to pay over $4 per kilogram for delivery. At the time, the wet market in […]

SAVE THE DATE: ANIMAL PRODUCTION CONFERENCE 2018 When: 2-5 July 2018 Where: Wagga Wagga, NSW What: The 32nd Biennial Conference of the Australian Society of Animal Production. The Animal Production conference is completely focused on animal production systems and whole-of-chain approaches to animal production. The theme for this upcoming conference is “Feeding Innovation: Nutrition Through […]

SUNDAY 1 JULY, 3pm to 7:30pm Student Masterclass for ASAP Animal Production 2018 registered students The Student Masterclass is a forum for students to learn from those who have gone before them. Guest speakers will share their career pathway insights and participate in a Q&A panel. The night also features a brewery tour and dinner. […]

Animal Production 2018’s program is structured to ensure all target audiences are catered for, including scientists and researchers, growers, industry service providers, students and educators. The 2018 conference theme is ‘Fostering innovation through the value chain’. Innovation is the basis which flows through all plenary sessions as well as the concurrent sessions and posters. The […]

On-farm innovation ups production, sustainability at NSW piggery. Edwina Beveridge, pig farmer in NSW, will open the conference sharing her perspectives on the need for innovation in Australia’s livestock industries.  An innovator herself, Edwina will also share the innovation applied in their system, and her understanding of the needs of the consumer.  We sat down […]

Animal Science ups on-farm productivity One of the great challenges of modern agriculture is finding ways to capture developments in science and technology into practical and effective on-farm systems.  Part of the problem in applying new scientific advances to production enterprises is based in the very nature of science and agricultural business.  Science works on […]

Penny Young, ASAS/ASAP Intern Despite most producers wanting to maximize their output, calving percentages have not changed dramatically over the past few decades and this trend does not seem set to change into the future. Dr Leo Cummins believes ‘twinner’ cattle could change this trend, and shift producers’ goals from a calving percentage of 90% […]

Dear Researchers, Colleagues, and Stakeholders in Agriculture and Animal Production, Following the success of The Fifth International Conference on Sustainable Animal Agricultural for Developing Countries (SAADC 2015) in October 27-30, 2015 in Pattaya, Thailand, it is our great honor and pleasure to announce that: The Sixth SAADC Conference will be held in the beautiful shining […]

Ashlee McEvoy ASAP/ASAS 2017 Communications Intern The University of Adelaide, Roseworthy campus was mentioned a couple of times during the American Dairy Science Association and American Society of Animal Science Midwest meeting this month in Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America. Two students presented oral presentations, “Piglet creching decreases protein content in colostrum” presented by […]

  Penny Young, ASAS/ASAP Intern Milking ability is a trait that many producers select for in their production systems, with the belief that it is one of the most significant influences on the weaning weight of a calf. However, a study by Edwards et al. from the University of Tennessee, recently published in Translational Animal […]

Penny Young, ASAS/ASAP Intern As we face the challenge of managing growing antibiotic resistance in pathogens, efforts to find antibiotic alternatives are redoubled. An area that shows particular promise is the use of probiotics, both prophylactically and as a treatment measure. Research recently published in Translational Animal Science finds that yeast pro- and paraprobiotics are able to […]

Ashlee McEvoy ASAS/ASAP 2017 Communications Intern 24th March 2017. The Australian red meat industry developed Meat Standards Australia (MSA), and opened up to the beef industry in 1998. This purpose of this program became ensuring that any beef product is to reach consumer expectations. The MSA index that is used to measure these consumer expectations […]